Friday, 28 July 2017

Sneaky Little Me....Working Away....

Recall me mentioning the dollhouse I'm working on for my little ones school? I've made some progress! It's the Ikea Flisat dollhouse.  At $40 its an economical build to end up giving away, not to mention that its solid wood and easy to construct.  I'm hoping all this work will fetch a good price at the silent auction.

I primed and painted the walls, along with staining the floors, prior to assembling the house.  The stained floors are just the wood floors provided, nothing special added.  I stained them a medium walnut to disguise the rather large grain of the wood.  I'm pretty sure it only bothers me!  Despite sanding the wood, it was a struggle to get good stain coverage.  I assume the wood is treated with something.....not stain friendly!!!!  5 coats of stain and sanding in between later, it looks great.

I papered some of the walls.  The "brick" is scrapbook paper from Michael's and the blue paper is normally rather expensive craft paper that somehow found its way to Dollarama, and I paid $2 for 2 very large sheets of it.

The bathroom is awaiting a vanity and sink from China (eBay).  I had the tub and toilet in my stash, but I need to paint the toilet seat and gold accents, along with the tub taps.  The accessories here will all be white and modern.

Maybe even some mini macrame plant hangers for the corner! Depends on how crazy I plan to get.

The bedroom is still in the development stage.  I'm going with the mattress on top of a wood pallet base with simple wood floating bedside table.  The table is a keeper, but gussied up and the ottoman will be recovered.  The dresser that's there is a placeholder for now.  Not certain what I'm putting there!

There was supposed to be a dividing wall on the ground floor.  I removed it.  I prefer the open concept and it makes for easier play for little hands.  That hunk of half painted wood is a wall mounted cabinet that the TV will go on top of.  I'm covering the wood with aluminum sheeting.  I've also designed a new sofa for the space (the one you see is just a placeholder).  It's going to be grey velvet!  It will be slightly deeper then usual scale to allow for dolls of various sizes to sit comfortably.  And one of those napkin rings will become the coffee table, but I need the new couch in there to decide!

The left side of the ground floor will be an L-shaped kitchen I ordered on eBay, along with some tables and chairs.  I want to get it in so I can start the decorating.  I'm checking my mailbox everyday.

And these are some of the fabrics that I will be using! And no, I haven't gotten to purchasing my new sewing machine, so all that bedding will have to wait!

And then I'm stitching away when I can find a few minutes.  I have some pillows in the works and I'm slowly completing that rug of mine.  Nothing is more boring then stitching in a white background!


  1. I Love the brick and the paper! The floor turned out awesome! Tenacity pays! And the design plan sounds fabulous! Wish I was close enough to lend you my machine!!! I predict a bidding war!!!

    I don't have anything in my stash in terms of a modern type dresser, but I do have one of these on hand and am happy to donate if you can use it:

    I also have a couple unfinished modern lamps (the bases just have to be painted. I'll include the wired bulbs in case you want them). I can also donate other supplies/materials if I have them. Instagram message me...

  2. I love your colours! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

    1. I've tried to make it modern and neutral. To appeal to as many people as possible for an auction! I would love to have a velvet couch in real life!

  3. It's going to look Great Kat! I live the stylish, simplicity your giving it as well as your foresight regarding the little hands which will be playing with it. :D

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I think I'm more into playing with it right now then Miss Kitty! We'll both be sad to see this go!

  4. It looks great, I love that blue paper. Do you seal it with something? If not, a coat of gel medium or mod-podge will make it more child friendly.

    Some little kid is going to love this. ❤️

    Do the kitchen cabinet doors or appliances open? I've got some less than collector quality, kid friendly, food stuffs I can send you. (Or maybe Miss Kitty would like them.)

  5. Looks wonderful! Can't wait to see more.

  6. Hi Kat, I love the progress of the build! I think making that lower floor open was a really smart choice. I also really like the paper you found (at Dollarama no less!!) I can't wait to see the kitchen and furniture pieces in, and I'm loving what you have so far! Hope you were able to work with those fabrics without a sewing machine okay :)